Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping Address
Make sure when placing your order that the shipping address on your account is up to date. Misdelivered packages can result in extremely long delays, and the cost of special postal services used when remailing will not be covered. Please note that we use the address attached to your account to determine the destination of the package.

First Class (PWE)
The First Class (PWE/Plain White Envelope) option is now available on orders of four or fewer cards, valued at $10.00 or under. Note that this option is available at the buyer's assumption of risk. This option is not compatible with postal insurance or Registered Mail, and will not honor any claims of loss or damage associated with such orders. Cards will be mailed in soft covering (sleeves/team bags) to avoid loss in sorting machines.

When Will My Order Ship?
Most normal orders will be mailed within 2 to 7 calendar days of payment clearing, depending on how much time is available to visit a post office. Note that personal checks require 10-14 business days to clear the bank. Money orders, cashier's checks, and cash will be considered cleared as soon as they arrive. Western Union Money Transfer payments will be considered cleared after the Money Transfer Control Number is received and the payment has been physically retrieved. PayPal payments will be considered cleared when PayPal releases the funds (instantly for most payments; within 4-5 calendar days for PayPal eCheck payments).

Selecting either Priority Mail or Express Mail shipping will usually result in your order being filled and shipped on next calendar business day if and only if the order is placed and payment is received and cleared by 6 pm CST/CDT. Orders placed after that time will be shipped on the 2nd calendar business day following. Non-instant payment methods with expedited shipping will result in the order shipping on the next calendar business day after payment for the order has been received and cleared. Since you are paying the extra fee for the expedited shipping, your order takes precedence and will be filled and shipped as soon as possible.

If there is a designated vacation period on the home page of, all shipping is null and void until the end of that vacation period. No orders (expedited or otherwise) will ship during that time, and any orders placed with an expedited shipping option will not be mailed using that expedited shipping option until the first day on which shipping resumes.

When Will My Order Arrive?
First Class orders, USPS Ground Advantage orders (domestic) and Air Mail orders (international) have no fixed delivery window. If you need cards for a particular timed event and do not want to pay the extra cost of a more expedited shipping option, please mention the tournament date and location in the buyer’s notes on your order — while we may not be able to accommodate everyone, letting us know that you are trying to get your cards within a certain time frame will ensure some extra attention. Do not send separate emails with any such instructions — please use the buyer’s notes on your order. We receive too many emails to keep track of every side note.

Priority Mail shipping has no guaranteed date of delivery. The United States Postal Service claims that most Priority Mail parcels will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days from the date of shipping for domestic packages, and within 6 to 10 business days for international packages.

Express Mail shipping (for U.S. addresses only) is guaranteed for delivery by 3 pm on the next day of business (or 2nd day of business for some remote addresses) following the date of shipping. Saturday delivery is possible only in areas where the local post office does not have shortened hours on Saturday. In-person signature is required to receive Express Mail parcels unless that option is specifically waived by buyer; if signature is waived, the delivery person's signature indicated proof of delivery of parcel.

Finally, if you are an international buyer, note that your order may be delayed by your country's Customs Office. If you feel that your order is overdue, please check first with your local post office, then your Customs Office, to determine if the order is being held up on your end. Expected delivery times for expedited options are listed above; regular first class air mail can be delivered as quickly as 4-5 days but has been known to take upwards of two weeks depending on the destination country's delays. Buyers seeking their parcels have frequently found them waiting with their customs service.

Value of all international parcels will be declared on customs forms in accordance with Federal law. Buyer requests to avoid/circumvent customs declaration will be ignored. The staff of wishes to avoid the possibility of seizure of goods, fines of up to US$10,000 per violation, or imprisonment, per U.S. Code, Title 13, Section 305.

Expedited Shipping/Other Options
Priority Mail is available for U.S. and most international addresses. Express Mail is only available for U.S. addresses when selected during checkout.

Upon the emailed request of the buyer, Express Mail may be available to several international addresses, with a delivery time of 3-5 business days, though the fee is distinctly higher. Other expedited options may be researched upon request as well, including alternate carriers; these options are generally prohibitively expensive (US$75.00 or more per parcel). These options are not available for all countries so please ask first. Also, any special requests for shipping must be arranged before any payment is submitted for an order.

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