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DocAngst.com is a web site devoted to direct sales of Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) trading card game cards. DocAngst.com is hosted by Yahoo Webhosting Services.

DocAngst.com's mailing address is:

Jeff Williamson
P.O. Box 316558
Chicago, IL 60631

Comments about our Privacy Policy may be sent by e-mail to sales@docangst.com.

Recognizing Online Visitors
When you visit DocAngst.com, our server automatically recognizes the address of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and, in some cases, your domain name. We cannot identify you individually from your screen name if you are using America Online or one of the other major online services. Our server also identifies your browser, your browser version, the operating system you are using, the pages you visit on DocAngst.com and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of where you were on the Internet if you clicked a link to www.docangst.com.

We intend to continue improving the content and function of DocAngst.com. For this reason, we gather the information mentioned above so that we can provide content of interest to you and a site that functions correctly on your computer system.

A "cookie" is a small file stored on your computer by a web site and gathers certain information about your activity on the site. We use cookies to provide a mechanism that allows us to maintain your shopping cart, and also to personalize your shopping experience. Our cookies do not store any personal or financial information about you.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies and allow you to disable the use of cookies. However, if you disable this feature, certain aspects of DocAngst.com, such as the shopping cart and user personalization will not function properly. Future enhancements to the site may also require cookies.

E-mail Promotions
From time to time, DocAngst.com will send out an e-mail announcing special sales and promotions. E-mail promotions are sent to customers who have voluntarily given us their e-mail address, and who have elected to receive such e-mails. If you are receiving such e-mails and no longer wish to, you may update your preferences by clicking on the "Edit My Information" link that appears when you are logged into the site.

Your Telephone Number
If you give us your telephone number online, we may call you about your order. If you would rather we not call you and communicate by e-mail only, it is not required that you provide us with your phone number. Also, you may request via e-mail that contact not be made via phone. We will make every effort to comply with your request.

Your Other Personal Information
Other information that may be requested of you includes: your name, address, city, state or province, postal or ZIP code, and country, and at times special notes on your order. Also, we collect your comments so we can better serve you in the future. Of course for orders, your items, the quantity of each item and information on your intended payment method is collected. DocAngst.com does not process credit card payments, instead choosing to collect such payments through third-party services (PayPal), thus this site will not collect and store your credit card information.

Also, at some point in the future, you may automatically receive a print catalog when you have placed an order. If you do not wish to receive such catalogs, you may e-mail or write to us at the address above.

Modify Personal Information
You can modify your stored personal information online at any time by simply logging into your account. Click on the "Edit My Information" link to review and make any changes to shipping information, to change your e-mail address or password, or to update your user notification preferences.

Security Concerns
We are committed to data security and the accuracy of our information received from domestic and foreign visitors to our site. Likewise, your information is not and will never be shared with or sold to third parties. In addition, none of your information is merged with outside data for marketing purposes.

We do ask that you please review your account information to insure the accuracy of the information submitted to us. As noted earlier, your information is not and will never be shared with or sold to any third party.

Links To Other Sites
Please be aware when you click on links or ad banners that take you to third-party web sites, you will be subject to their privacy policies, not DocAngst.com's privacy policy. For your protection and information, we encourage you to read their privacy policy prior to providing any personal information to any other web site.

Changes to Privacy Policy
We may change our Privacy Policy at any time. Please return to this page every so often and let us know if you would like us to make changes in the way our Privacy Policy applies to you. Changes should be announced on the home page on the day of their taking effect.

Enjoy your visit to DocAngst.com. We hope you find what you are looking for.

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